Harpeth Wastewater Cooperative is a member-owned wastewater treatment facility serving all or some of the Chapelwood, Cottonwood, Dunblane, Farmington, Hart's Landmark, Legend’s Ridge, and River Landing subdivisions in Williamson County, TN.

Board of Directors

Mike Knotts, Chairman

Steve Seger, Vice Chairman

Tom Moore, Secretary-Treasurer

Bill Goodwin, Director

Jim Savage, Director

Rate Schedule

Harpeth Wastewater Cooperative operates under the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA).   Service rates are governed by the TRA.


All Customers: 

Monthly Customer Charge (includes no usage):     $30.00


Volumetric Charge per 1,000 gallons (prorated):     $6.37

Example:  If usage is 4,560 gallons, the volumetric charge would be $29.05 [(4,560/1,000) *6.37].  Total charge would be $59.05 [$29.05 + $30.00].


Volumetric Charge per 1,000 gallons (prorated):     $7.86


Well Water Sewage Requirements:

In the event that a customer does not receive their water from a water district, but instead from a well or spring, in lieu of a water usage reading, Harpeth Wastewater Cooperative reserves the right to render an estimated bill based on the best information available.


Defective Meters:

In the event that a customer receives a zero usage water meter reading from their water district, an estimated bill will be determined using the best information available.


TAP FEES - Residential or Non-Residential:     $3,500.00

INSPECTION FEES - Residential or Non-Residential:     $250.00 



Returned Check Charge:     $20.00

Late Payment Penalty:     10% of the amount owed.

 Note: Harpeth Wastewater Cooperative passes through a late payment fee of 10% assessed by the City of Franklin. 


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Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2014-15